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About Us

SwanPro is an expert in information technologies for businesses.

Our services range from web design and open source solutions, to cabling and data centers. With SwanPro, you find your business a professional and trustworthy partner with an extensive background and proven track record. We follow technology trends closely and develop new solutions tailored to the needs of you organization? In this way, we can guarantee the highest quality for every partner.


Our work

The right solutions for internal processes ensure that your resources can remain focused on the core business of your company
We provide solutions for HR management, internal communication, document & data management and automated accounting.
It takes away lost time and energy on practices that distract you from your core activities. We can also ensure that you better reach and satisfy your clients.
SwanPro supports you in building the perfect e-commerce platform, which at the same time ensures that you keep track of each step.


SwanPro's experts listen to your needs, bring in their own innovative ideas and extensive experience, and deliver the tailored solution that you have been waiting for.

Our service doesn’t stop there. Throughout the lifespan of your solution, we offer services to ensure that your business and staff continuously benefit from the full potential of your products.

Our clients